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B&W Pam Chévez sitting down

Pam Chévez

Whether she’s on her surfboard or animating a brand story, Pam loves making things move.    She brings the same philosophy to both waves and work: connect, strive for perfection, and then know when it’s time to let go.  This mindset has served Pam well over the years as she’s moved fluidly between teaching animation – […]

Morgan Myer
B&W Dan Bailin sitting down

Dan Bailin

Dan likes watching things grow. From his vegetable garden to his ever expanding vinyl record collection to his three young children, he thinks growth is a beautiful thing. He brings his love of growth to work everyday at p3. Having worked at big and small agencies, he firmly believes that the best creative work is […]

Morgan Myer
B&W Mercedes Mehling Headshot

Mercedes Mehling

Mercedes began her journey into video production in high school, making edits of her and her friends hiking mountains and jumping into swimming holes in her home state of Vermont. Since then she’s edited everything from music videos to feature length documentaries to network television shows. She loves those magic moments when all the elements […]

Brian Chin
Morgan Myer laying on a couch with hands in the air - B&W

Morgan Myer

You could say that Morgan got his start in New York City, climbing his way through the production ranks on shows like Inside the Actors Studio and The Colbert Report, wrapping cables, doing whatever it took to get noticed for his grit and determination. That wouldn’t be a lie. But it’s probably more accurate to […]

Emma Greg Breggo - B&W close up

Emma Gregg Brego

An experienced producer and director, Emma is obsessed with the fast pace of production. Her experience ranges from Oscar-winning film sets to local shoe-string budgets. Her philosophy is to be kind, honest, and try to have a good time because this is the coolest job in the world. When not glued to a project, this […]

B&W CJ Lampman standing up

CJ Lampman

Sitting underneath a well-placed shade covering, enjoying a cup of fresh-made Cuban coffee and a yogurt parfait, CJ turned to a more experienced colleague and asked “So … they call this ‘video village’?” It was his first taste of a big broadcast commercial set — not to mention his first taste of that wonderful Cuban […]

B&W of Nathan Gilliss sitting down - left facing

Nathan Gilliss

It’s a bit ironic that Nate’s favorite project he’s worked on at p3 is one that put him in the hospital. But if you know Nate, you know that he doesn’t rest — read: refuses to rest — until he’s satisfied with every component of what he’s created. This all makes a bit more sense […]

Brian Chin sitting with hand under chin

Brian Chin

It’s 3AM on a Thursday, late 2010. Brian, just a few months removed from college, is sitting in an editing bay at an advertising agency. A stressed-out creative director hovers over his shoulder, prescriptively telling him what to do and how to do it. It’s in this moment that Brian decides, “Ya know what would […]

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