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Nathan Gilliss

Director of Animation

Left-and right right-brained. 🤯

B&W of Nathan Gilliss sitting down - left facing

It’s a bit ironic that Nate’s favorite project he’s worked on at p3 is one that put him in the hospital. But if you know Nate, you know that he doesn’t rest — read: refuses to rest — until he’s satisfied with every component of what he’s created. This all makes a bit more sense when you consider that Nate got his start in the laborious world of stop-motion animation. Though it makes him cringe to think about now, Nate’s graduate film Bonefeather was an early indicator of his conscientious approach toward … well … everything we do at p3. (Go ahead, do some digging around, you can still find Bonefeather on the internet somewhere.) Nate loves every opportunity he gets to interpret and articulate another person’s — or company’s — message in a visual way. He still busts out his stop-motion chops when the project calls for it. But he mainly oversees all of our design, 2D and 3D animation, motion typography and clean-up/utility services — and we’re pretty excited about that.

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