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Morgan Myer

Co-Founding Partner

Things Morgan can get behind: the camera, the mic, and your next big idea.

Morgan Myer laying on a couch with hands in the air - B&W

You could say that Morgan got his start in New York City, climbing his way through the production ranks on shows like Inside the Actors Studio and The Colbert Report, wrapping cables, doing whatever it took to get noticed for his grit and determination. That wouldn’t be a lie. But it’s probably more accurate to say that Morgan’s true production beginnings can be traced back to his boyhood living room — where his dad first exposed him to the comedic genius of The Three Stooges and Monty Python. With his artistic tastes fully formed and his production assistant skills fully realized, Morgan returned to his native Maine in the mid-2000s determined to find a full-time production job. It took a few years of freelancing filmmaking for him to realize the job he wanted didn’t really exist in Maine. If Morgan was going to work at a shop that allowed him to tell thoughtful, funny brand stories, he’d need to start his own company. So, together with Brian, that’s what he did.

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