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CJ Lampman

Principal, Director of Creative Services

CJ takes his creative with a heavy splash of strategy, please and thank you.

B&W CJ Lampman standing up

Sitting underneath a well-placed shade covering, enjoying a cup of fresh-made Cuban coffee and a yogurt parfait, CJ turned to a more experienced colleague and asked “So … they call this ‘video village’?” It was his first taste of a big broadcast commercial set — not to mention his first taste of that wonderful Cuban coffee — and he was instantly in love. It wasn’t just the craft services set-up, though. A writer by trade, CJ was hypnotized seeing something he had conceived of be brought to life right there in front of his eyes. And so he decided that, yes, yup, definitely, production was for him. Years later, CJ still gets that same magical feeling when he’s on set. But he’s also learned there’s so much more to love about production. Namely, the way it so closely replicates the sports team dynamic; the way a group of people can come together to achieve greatness. Be warned: CJ’s a big fan of the high-five and not afraid to hug it out when the opportunity calls for it.

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