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Be a Better Editor

Be a Better Editor I often find myself face to face with a mountain of unedited footage and a blank timeline not knowing where to even begin. And yet…there is something enticing about editing – the challenge of organizing and stringing together footage like pieces of a puzzle; watching a story unfold in front of […]

Mercedes Mehling

Lessons Learned While Shooting On the Road

We’ve shot all over the country in all types of conditions – heat, rain, snow. We’ve shot on the other side of the world in countries where English is not the first language. Along the way, we’ve learned that the more you can experience different types of production challenges, the more adept you can become […]

CJ Lampman

Extraordinary food shoots without extravagant costs? Do tell.

If you want your audience’s eyes exploding and taste buds tinglin’, you’ve got to make the food in your video look so good you can practically taste it. It’s one reason why food shoots have maintained higher budgets over the years… the food can’t be visually compromised. With food shoots, QARP (“Quality at Reasonable Prices”) […]

Morgan Myer
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