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Live Action vs. Animation: Which is Right for Your Brand?

In an age where brand videos are not just content but conversation starters, choosing the right format is paramount. Live action and animation stand as the twin pillars of video marketing, each with unique strengths. Your brand’s identity, message, and goals will heavily influence which style you adopt. Our team has guided many clients through […]

Emma Gregg
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A sound strategy that drives business growth

A Sound Strategy that Drives Business Growth Without a solid strategy orchestrated to drive business growth, creative is just a bunch of really nice guitar riffs without a song structure. Don’t get me wrong, the ideas in these riffs may melt your face, but do they also drive the desired action? Are the ideas based […]

Dan Bailin

Let’s see more women in local film

How to improve the climate for women in film Recently, I was reminded of some frustrating realities about our industry. While out to dinner with a cinematographer friend, I lamented the lack of women in technical positions on Maine sets, especially in camera and G&E. He nodded sympathetically, “yeah, women don’t seem to go after […]

Emma Gregg Brego

How to Be a Better Video Editor

How to Be a Better Video Editor I often find myself face to face with a mountain of unedited footage and a blank timeline not knowing where to even begin. And yet…there is something enticing about editing – the challenge of organizing and stringing together footage like pieces of a puzzle; watching a story unfold […]

Mercedes Mehling

Lessons Learned While Shooting On the Road

We’ve shot all over the country in all types of conditions – heat, rain, snow. We’ve shot on the other side of the world in countries where English is not the first language. Along the way, we’ve learned that the more you can experience different types of production challenges, the more adept you can become […]

CJ Lampman
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Cost effective food shoots without sacrificing quality? Do tell.

Producing and directing food shoots efficiently to boost sales If you want your audience’s eyes exploding and taste buds tinglin’, you’ve got to make the food in your video look so good you can practically taste it. It’s one reason why food shoots have maintained higher budgets over the years… the food can’t be visually […]

Morgan Myer
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