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Live Action vs. Animation: Which is Right for Your Brand?

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Article by Emma Gregg

In an age where brand videos are not just content but conversation starters, choosing the right format is paramount. Live action and animation stand as the twin pillars of video marketing, each with unique strengths. Your brand’s identity, message, and goals will heavily influence which style you adopt. Our team has guided many clients through this very decision process, ensuring their investment in video content pays off in the long term.

Marketing videos are as diverse as the brands they represent.

Each format has the potential to tell your story effectively. The range is vast, from captivating live-action commercials to animated explainer videos.

Live action videos capture real-world scenes and people, offering a tangible and relatable perspective to your audience. They can showcase your company’s unique culture, goals and values . The process begins with a dedicated script, careful planning, often requiring locations, actors, and a multitude of equipment. The authenticity and human touch of live action can be incredibly powerful.

Animated videos, on the other hand, unlock a world of creativity and flexibility. They can simplify complex ideas, bring data to life, and charm with stylistic visuals. While they can be labor-intensive, especially for intricate designs, they offer unparalleled control over every aspect of the visual narrative.

The first step is to identify whether your brand’s personality is better suited to the genuine feel of live action or perhaps the imaginative realm of animation. Think about your target audience and the message you want to convey. Are there concepts that live action could struggle to illustrate? Animation might be your ally in such cases.

Understanding your audience’s preferences is crucial. Will a heartfelt live action story resonate more, or will an animated video capture their imagination? Data around video engagement can guide this choice, helping your video stand out.

Budgeting for video content can be tricky. While animation can be perceived as costly, it often offers a more cost-effective solution with controlled environments and no location costs. Live action can incur expenses from hiring talent to securing locations, but grounds your story in the real world. 

We at p3 Maine pride ourselves on working within client budgets to maximize impact. Afterall, time is money,  and in video production, this rings especially true. Both live action and animation have their time considerations, whether it’s coordinating a shoot or animating a complex scene. We consider all these factors to meet your timeline efficiently.

Now it’s time to make the choice between Live Action vs Animation. Let’s review the pros and cons of each format:

Live Action

  • Pros: Authenticity, human touch, real-world relatability
  • Cons: Location and actor dependencies, potentially higher costs for large sets


  • Pros: Creative freedom, ease of explaining complex concepts
  • Cons: Can be time-consuming, may require specialized talent

In some cases, a combined approach might serve your brand best. At p3 Maine, we’re adept at navigating these waters, ensuring that whichever path you choose, the journey is smooth, and the destination is a successful reflection of your brand.

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