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University of New _________

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University of New _________


UNH’s marketing team wanted to update their previous campaign and sent out an RFP with a few concept kernels that were undergoing testing. Not knowing the outcome of the testing, our RFP response included creative treatments and executional approaches for all concepts. Once awarded the job, we had the solidified concept in hand and only a few weeks to produce it. As with many institutional productions, our challenge would be to depict the multi-dimensionality of the University within the short duration of a :30 broadcast spot.

We solved this challenge by:

  • Developing a concept that was grounded in their strategic objectives and met the varying needs of disparate stakeholders.
  • Shot over the course of two days on UNH’s primary campus with the goal of capturing the breadth of the university experience focused on visually appealing scenes that showcased the wide range of academic, athletic, and student life activities on campus.
  • Integrated a design-forward graphical approach to breath fresh energy into the edit, ultimately informing the look and feel of the entire campaign.


  • Dan Bailin

  • CJ Lampman

  • Emma Gregg Brego

  • Morgan Myer & Brian Chin

  • Morgan Myer

  • Theron Powell

  • Bodhi Ouelette

  • Tadin Brown

  • Jacob Haehnel

  • Mercedes Mehling

  • Brian Chin

  • Pete Morse


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