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SharkNinja is a home appliance company that makes everyday products for everyday people. How do you create a lasting campaign that combines efficient production, appetite appeal and relatable human moments?

We solved this challenge by:

  • Bundling modular studio production to create distinct set looks for various product lines.
  • Creatively capturing social-first content and TVC assets on the same shoot.
  • Showcasing taste appeal and lifestyle convenience in the same set of deliverables.


  • SharkNinja

  • p3

  • Brian Chin

  • Morgan Myer

  • E.G. Brego

  • Morgan Myer; Jamie Munro

  • Brian Chin

  • Derek Bissonnette; Vanessa Seder

  • Red Vault Audio

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Man holding knife and wearing a chef's apron on the set of a Sharkninja video shoot

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