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S4P - VenueNext

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S4P - VenueNext

Sure, order another High Life from your seat at Fenway.

Our client Shift4 has become the industry leader in just about every industry it has ventured into. Food/Bev, hospitality, retail, ecommerce … you name it. So it was no surprise that when they decided to enter the Sports & Entertainment space, it would be with best-in-class technology partner, VenueNext. We were asked to create a quick-turn animated video that shows how VenueNext is transforming the world of Sports & Entertainment. Using an array of 3D elements, our designer/animator Vinnie had fun building branded environments and creating clever transitions while calling out key features and product attributes. Next time you’re at the local arena, check and see if your mobile purchases are powered by Shift4. Chances are, they will be.

  • Shift4

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  • CJ Lampman

  • Nathan Gilliss

  • Vinnie Zullo

  • Peter Campbell

  • Red Vault Audio

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