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Celebrating 50 years

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Celebrating 50 years

Luce Scholars


The Luce Scholars Program has been providing young Americans with a one-of-a-kind Asian-immersion experience for 50 years. The program wanted to celebrate this big milestone by both referencing the past and looking ahead to the future – showcasing a commitment to forging connections and propelling careers. How do you immerse viewers in the Luce experience in ways that are reflective of the program’s mission?


We developed a production style that used verite camera direction and dynamic motion, and then applied that style to shoots in Cambodia and Washington, DC. On the ground in Cambodia, we filmed with current Luce scholars and captured the excitement that comes with living and working in a foreign land. Meanwhile, in DC, we focused our storytelling on Luce alums who were able to draw a line between their experience in the program and their careers today. During post-production, we used a thematic foundation to construct a three-act story structure that showcases the program’s wide-ranging impact.

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