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The Benefits are Real

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The Benefits are Real


CVS Health offers a telehealth platform that makes it convenient and easy for customers to receive on-demand care whenever they need it. While customers acknowledged the ease of the platform, adoption was slow because of the perception that this method of care was missing the “human touch” of visiting a trusted primary care physician. How do you bring a sense of connection to a digital care model?

We solved this challenge by:

  • Partnering with CVS Health to develop a creative idea and production approach that conveyed the warmth, personality, authenticity, and connection of the telehealth experience.
  • Casting a real and diverse group of people who look and act like our neighbors, co-workers, and friendly neighborhood pharmacists, enabling us to convey approachability and build trust.
  • Implementing a directorial approach that was intentionally documentarian instead of commercial.
  • Created scenes showcasing intimate and relatable moments that the viewer could identify and connect with.
  • Emma Gregg Brego

  • Brian Chin

  • Morgan Myer

  • Ian Carlson

  • Jayson Labozzo

  • Adam Belanger

  • Tadin Brego

  • Charlotte Royer

  • Lindsay Mann

  • Patrick Hanover

  • Maili Lafayette

  • Justin Lacroix

  • Pete Morse


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