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Pega Marketing

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Pega Marketing

Part product video, part Legend of Zelda remake.

We don’t get to bring samurai swords, bow & arrow and magical staffs to work very often. (Read: not nearly enough.) But we did for this shoot. (Much harder to find a proper staff these days than you might guess.)

Weaponry and wizardry aside, though, this was a great project for a great client. They understood our vision from the very beginning and were willing to go along for the ride. Even after we said we wanted to incorporate 8-bit video game graphics into the videos.

It was a lot of fun figuring out the different ways that we could make these videos resonate with both B2B and B2C audiences. There needed to be a relatable, authoritative and informational — while also being entertaining enough to keep viewers engaged. We think we found the right mix, using live-action scenarios to pull us into fantasy worlds which eventually transitioned to video game fun. Shooting happened over two days — first in a studio, then on-location.

Fun-fact: CJ’s kids are the ones who scamper through the opening scene in the “Marketing” video. They were wearing their actual little league uniforms. Life imitating art!

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  • CJ Lampman

  • Brian Chin

  • Morgan Myer

  • Olivia Spinale

  • Nathan Gilliss, Vinnie Zullo

  • Brian Chin

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