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Genessee - The Loyalists

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Genessee - The Loyalists

In a world where two men are forever linked by an undying loyalty to hometown beer…

A van full of 6 guys + equipment departs Portland, Maine at 4AM. Their destination: Rochester, NY for a short documentary on the kinds of people who drink Genesee Beer. Check that: they don’t just drink it, they are completely and utterly loyal to it.

We made it to Rochester by early afternoon and began filming immediately. It all went exactly as planned. Not because we were lucky and didn’t hit any traffic getting out there — though that certainly helped — but because we had done our pre-pro homework. Hours and hours of pre-interviews over the phone, finding the right story angles … it all led right into two seamless days of shooting with Wink and Dan, their friends and family.

The days were long and the shoot was run-and-gun, for sure, but each day ended with us tipping back a few Gennys with cast and crew. Can’t ask for much more than that!

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