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The Sound of Change

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The Sound of Change


There are plenty of things to love about your local grocery store. The sticky, sloppy redemption center that clogs up the entrance to the store … yeah, that’s definitely not one of them. Maine-based Clynk is on a mission to revolutionize the way bottles and cans are redeemed, and they asked us to create a fresh new video to showcase how it works. Knowing that it was going to be difficult to shut down a supermarket for filming, we decided to create our own – a hybrid of practical and animated set pieces (can you tell the difference??), which would allow us to continuously move the camera through the space. Conceptually, we were aiming to play up the idea of closed-loop recycling. Plus, we also thought it would look pretty cool 😉

  • Nathan Gilliss, Brian Chin

  • CJ Lampman

  • E.G. Brego

  • Mandy Lyne, Meg Farrell

  • Morgan Myer

  • Theron Powell

  • Phil Cormier

  • Joel Osgood

  • Sean Mewshaw


Woman dressed in all blue setting up a fruit stand on set of a shoot

Clynk bag boxes stacked up at register

Woman pushing shopping cart in front of a Clynk stand

Close up of video storyboard

Fruit stand

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